With a logical balance of performance and price, and of strength and sustainability, Tegracore is the structural material that contractors and property owners have wanted all along.

Builder Benefits


  • Stronger than wood
  • Stronger than existing plastics and composites
  • Ideal for load-bearing applications

On-Site Flexibility

  • Works like wood
  • Safe for standard tools
  • Arrives at site meeting specifications
  • Available in standard configurations
  • Uses standard fasteners and hangers
  • Fewer call-backs

Environmental Benefits

  • Uses recycled materials
  • No air emissions
  • No toxic chemical leaching
  • No dangerous fillers
  • Maximum LEED credit for recycled content

End-user Benefits


  • High decay resistance
  • High weather resistance
  • Termite-proof
  • No warping, splintering
  • No rotting; no water sealing needed
  • No painting needed
  • Lower maintenance than wood
  • Lower lifecycle cost than wood

Aesthetic Value

  • Attractive look
  • Long-lasting colors